Blog Post 6

This week we were asked to look through a reliable new site or journal for an article related to our area of research.  The area of research that I wanted to focus on was the beverage industry.  Many will read ‘beverage industry’ and assume that it is restricted to alcoholic beverages, that assumption is, in fact, false. The beverage industry actually includes all drinkable fluids including coffee, tea, fruit drinks, etc; and this sector of hospitality has boomed over the last decade.

For the beginning of my research I decided to go to the New York Times and looked through articles that were related to hospitality, food, and beverages. I ended up coming across an article that talked about the history of wine bars over the years and how they have really begun to diversify from the norm.  I went ahead and did a short summary over this article, which you will find below. Through further research, after we were shown how to navigate the universities databases, I narrowed my research topic from the beverage industry to the debate of the drinking age. Basically the issues surrounding it and whether it should be lowered, raised, or remain the same. I look forward to further researching the topic. If anyone would like to leave a comment on their opinion on the subject feel free! I’m interested in hearing from you all!

In the article “Wine Bars Grow UP and Squeeze In,” Asimov explains how over time wine bars have evolved into a lasting part of the hospitality industry. As Asimov states, wine bars have begun “forging identities that distinguish them from the more mundane masses. Wine bars are able to achieve this through offering unique atmospheres, diverse wine lists, and/or interesting food pairings.


Blog Post 1

Well I’ll begin my first blog post with an introduction of myself and a little about my history.  My name is Caleb and I was born twenty-three years ago today (Yes, it so happens to be my birthday) in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  I am currently a fifth year senior at Oklahoma State studying Hotel & Restaurant Administration.  When I first came to OSU I was initially majoring in Psychology, I discovered a passion for understanding how people think during my senior year of high school. Luckily, I soon realized that I did not want to make a career of listening to other’s problems, so I changed my major to Biology / Pre-Physical Therapy.  This change only lasted a semester as I soon realized something that I should have known before changing my major.. I do not like science.  With this realization I began speaking with friends and family about other options that may be available to me.  While I was talking with a friend, sadly I do not remember who, they told me that OSU had a Hospitality program.  I was immediately interested as I was essentially raised in the restaurant industry.  My father had been a General Manager of a prominent steakhouse, Steak & Ale, in Tulsa, as well as a Mexican restaurant, Pepper’s Bar & Grill, in Claremore.  I actually got my first job from my father when I was fourteen as a host at Pepper’s.  Like many college students, upon moving to Stillwater I got a serving job.  So having the background in the industry as well as the hospitality industry being ever changing guided me towards majoring in Hospitality.

Throughout my college career, as it is my fifth year, I have learned a tremendous amount about my major and industry that I did not previously know.  Not only the ins and outs of running a hospitality business but that there are an incredible amount of different opportunities other than hotels and restaurants.  For example, I had the privilege of having an internship with a company called Thirst Wine Merchants .  This company is what you would call a brokerage.  Essentially what they do is market their company to wineries in order to create a portfolio, wineries that Thirst represents, and then to market that portfolio to different accounts that sell alcohol. Whether that be a liquor store, a restaurant, country club, etc.  During this internship I realized that I did not have to have a crazy life as a restaurant manager.  I could have a very nice job that was more eight to five doing something that I love, teaching and marketing fantastic wines.  With this realization I have been steering my education towards earning a job in the wine brokerage field. Whether it be participating in events that Thirst is putting on, or events put on by HRAD. As far as what professionals are asking in the hospitality industry it is normally one of two questions.  How can I improve a concept, or whats new or trending that I can incorporate into my concept.

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