Blog Post 9

My research process has definitely been an interesting one.  I would imagine that mine has had a unique aspect not shared by my fellow students.  That aspect being that I have research the topic before. When I first research the drinking age my freshman year, at the ripe age of nineteen, I did not have as quite an objective perspective as I had thought at the time.  I wanted to be able to go drink with my friends! So of course the paper that I wrote for Composition 1, while research, was certainly biased.  After four years and researching the topic again, I found that I had the same opinion.  That the drinking age should be dropped to the age of eighteen with required education.  It wasn’t until I was writing my final paper, however, that I realized that my argument was in fact not about the drinking age at all.  As I was writing my paper and brining up the issues I realized that the underlying cause was in fact the lack of a formal alcohol education program.  With this realization I had the fun task of refocusing my writing to address that issue rather than changing the age.  Not that I believe that the drinking age should remain at twenty-one or be lowered to eighteen, the age at which an individual is allowed to drink will most likely remain a highly debated topic.  So because of that why not look at other avenues that can correct the issues we are currently facing?  An standardized alcohol education system could help prevent alcohol related illness, binge drinking, drinking and driving, etc.