Blog Post 10

Well after a weeks hiatus I am back with an update on my completed research.  As you all know my research topic is the legal drinking age of twenty-one and whether or not it should remain the same, be raised, or be lowered.  For our second essay we had to come up with ten to twelve sources related to our topic that we created annotative bibliographies for. As I have researched the topic in the past not only did I have a base knowledge about the subject but also a few sources to start with.  These sources led me to new and fresh sources like those that I mentioned two weeks ago: Our Thinking About Drinking, and Choose Responsibility.  Upon further digging into Choose Responsibility, I found out that the true road block in considering new legislation for lowering the drinking age is a federal law that states that an state that has a legal drinking age below the age of 21 will lose ten percent of its federal highway appropriations.  For some states this could be tens of millions of dollars.  So while there are multiple organizations with valid alternatives to curb underage drinking as well as over a hundred college presidents and chancellors in support of a change there can really be no change unless the government decides to alter this legislation.  My research has also shown me that while I have research the topic prior to now and that it is very closely related to my field of experience (roughly nine years) there is still plenty that can be learned.

Until next week!


2 thoughts on “Blog Post 10

  1. That’s an interesting fact that I didn’t know about states being able to lose funding if the drinking age is lowered. I guess that means we need to lobby congress instead of state legislatures. Good topic, I bet it’ll be an interesting paper.


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