Blog Post 7

Well for those that have been reading my blog, you may have noticed that I have had a specific interest in the beverage industry ever since we began narrowing our research done to a specific question.  While the bulk of my industry experience lies in restaurants, over the last three and a half years the direct of my interests within the industry has led me to beverages.  The day we brainstormed on different options I came up with many. Some of those included researching the evolution of beverages ( Yes, this includes all beverages not just alcoholic ones. ) with a focus on how the demand of diverse drink options has escalated over the last decade.  Or researching the varying laws on alcoholic beverages from state to state. For those that live outside of Oklahoma and have visited, know that our liquor laws are.. unique to say the least. While I liked both of these options I decided to go with the a research question that discusses the drinking age and if the age of twenty-one is appropriate.  I decided to go with this research topic because at one point in everyone’s life it is a rather heated subject.  While the amount of research that I have done this far has been limited the sources that I have come across have been quite interesting and informative. I am definitely looking forward to continuing my research.

Also for those reading, please take the time to leave a comment containing thoughts and questions related to the research topic. It will help out tremendously!


3 thoughts on “Blog Post 7

  1. I don’t have much to weigh in on the opinion because I don’t drink. However, I like your topic because it’s controversial and brings up a good conversation that people will get passionate about. The drinking law is 21, so to drink LEGALLY, you have to be 21. However, this stops few if any college kids from drinking underage if they really want to. So perhaps lowering the drinking would actually benefit society, because then it won’t be “rebellious” to drink freshman and sophomore year, and perhaps people will be more responsible when they do drink young.


  2. There’s a viewpoint out there that argues some European countries and other countries that don’t have a drinking age have fewer alcohol-related problems. I guess the logic is that by making something against the law here in the U.S., we just tempt under-agers to break the rules, and when they break the rules they do so more dangerously and in more extreme ways. Since they’re already breaking the rules, their mentality is less responsible while they’re doing it. I wonder if you could find this argument somewhere in your research.


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