Blog Post 6

This week we were asked to look through a reliable new site or journal for an article related to our area of research.  The area of research that I wanted to focus on was the beverage industry.  Many will read ‘beverage industry’ and assume that it is restricted to alcoholic beverages, that assumption is, in fact, false. The beverage industry actually includes all drinkable fluids including coffee, tea, fruit drinks, etc; and this sector of hospitality has boomed over the last decade.

For the beginning of my research I decided to go to the New York Times and looked through articles that were related to hospitality, food, and beverages. I ended up coming across an article that talked about the history of wine bars over the years and how they have really begun to diversify from the norm.  I went ahead and did a short summary over this article, which you will find below. Through further research, after we were shown how to navigate the universities databases, I narrowed my research topic from the beverage industry to the debate of the drinking age. Basically the issues surrounding it and whether it should be lowered, raised, or remain the same. I look forward to further researching the topic. If anyone would like to leave a comment on their opinion on the subject feel free! I’m interested in hearing from you all!

In the article “Wine Bars Grow UP and Squeeze In,” Asimov explains how over time wine bars have evolved into a lasting part of the hospitality industry. As Asimov states, wine bars have begun “forging identities that distinguish them from the more mundane masses. Wine bars are able to achieve this through offering unique atmospheres, diverse wine lists, and/or interesting food pairings.


3 thoughts on “Blog Post 6

  1. I love wine and i love this summary! This book has really made an impact on me and i can see that its doing you some justice as well. not saying you were a bad writer before, obviously i wouldnt know that.


  2. Good post. Your topic of research is very controversial which makes it very interesting and enjoyable to read. Good luck on the rest of your research and who knows, maybe you’re final essay will start a movement to change the drinking age .


  3. This is a great post surrounding a very interesting topic, i am defiantly going to keep reading your posts in the future. Since i am from California where wine is a huge commodity and very popular, i can see what the article is talking about in regards to an increase in wine bar popularity. Wine bars have been popping up all over California, and becoming a great place to visit.


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