Blog Post 5

There are many types of universities in the United States, from public and private such as TU and OSU to regional such as UCO.  OSU happens to be a research university. This means that all of our faculty have to do research pertaining to the major in which they teach.  For this weeks post we were asked to look into our particular majors in order to find out what topics of research were being explored and who was conducting the research. For those that do not know mine is Hotel and Restaurant Administration.  So I pulled up the HRAD website and found that there are multiple areas of research being conducted.  From consumer behavior and hospitality issues to cross-cultural hospitality educational programs. Out of the eleven areas of research, there were three in particular that stood out to me: cross-cultural hospitality educational programs, hospitality branding, and hospitality strategic management.  Cross-cultural interested me because I was actually apart of this research this past summer while I was studying abroad.  One of the two researchers for this topic is Dr. Ryan.  Dr. Ryan was the administrator for the study abroad program and really emphasized learning about and experiencing not only European culture but also the subcultures of the different countries that we were able to visit during our trip. For those that have yet to have had the opportunity to study abroad, you should start looking into it. It’s the experience of a lifetime. The next topic was hospitality branding. This area interested me because throughout my major, I have had the privilege of hearing from a multitude of guest speakers.  These speakers vary from corporate to private to startup companies but there has always been common themes between them, branding being one of them.  It is quite interesting how much branding can effect a business. There are three researchers for this topic, two of which I have had classes with: Dr, Hancer, Dr. Qu, and Dr. Slevitch.  The last topic that I found interesting was hospitality strategic management.  Dr. Hancer and Dr. Chung research this topic. Dr. Chung teaches our Capstone course, which is essentially strategic management. I took the course last semester and thoroughly enjoyed learning about the different strategies that could be used to further a companies goals.  Until next week!


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