Blog Post 3

For this week’s blog post our class was split into three different groups and each group was then assigned an article to read and then discuss.  The article that my group was assigned was ‘Waste Not, Want Not’ by Bill McKibben.  Within McKibben’s article he discusses how we as a nation have gradually increased the amount of products we waste. This waste varies from plastic water bottles, carbon monoxide that we are putting into the air, natural resources, and government money that could but allocated in better ways.  McKibben also went as far as to say that we as a nation are wasting space, whether it be an empty seat in your car, or an empty bedroom in your house.  While I feel that McKibben makes some good points about the amount of waste that we have allowed has gotten out of hand, I believe that McKibben has made quite a one sided if not a belligerent argument.  When I read an article such as this, even when I don’t disagree with it, I want to see examples from the opposing side, in other words what steps have been taken to improve on waste that may need to be improved. Not just what has been done wrong.  If you read the article, aka my group, let me know if you agree or disagree.

Some of the questions that we as a group came up with are:

-In what ways are we overproducing, in turn causing waste.

-How can we better manage our resources? 

-How can we become more efficient with both time and money?

-Is quantity more valuable than quality?

-How has our fast food culture lead to current overproduction and waste?


Until next week!



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