Blog Post 2

So for this blog post we are supposed to use the online library database that is unique to my major.  While I knew the library had many databases that I could utilize, I was unaware that their was a portion dedicated to my major. Basically this was a new experience for me.  For reference here is a link to the main page. The librarian assigned to students in this particular area of study is Hui-Fen Chang. Unfortunately for me, there did not seem to be any online journals that were directly related to the beverage side of the industry, more specifically wine.  However there were multiple web sources that were directly related, which could come in handy later on during this course.  Some of these sites include Brewers Association of AmericaBeer InstituteDistilled Spirits Council of the United StatesFood Marketing InstituteNational Beer Wholesalers AssociationNational Association of Beverage Importers (NABI)Wine Institute as well as Center for Exhibition Industry ResearchMeeting Professionals InternationalSociety of Government Meeting Planners. While it may come as a surprise, event planning can be essential to an alcohol broker depending on the company one works for.  There are also some potentially useful databases available, however not directly related to my focus within my major.  Once I begin researching for my papers I will most definitely be contacting Ms. Chang in order to get a better understanding of the site so that I will be able to take full advantage of it.


One thought on “Blog Post 2

  1. Sounds like you ran into the same issues as I did with your research. Hopefully once we learn how to use the library’s database we will be able to find articles pertaining to our specific interest. Good Luck!


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